23 de julho, 2021

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Summer Time Sexy Girl

15 de Dezembro de 2016
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09 Páginas divididas em 1 Capítulos
Série original: THE [email protected]
Tamanho: 4 MB
Autor: TakayaKi
Circulo: Jenoa Cake
Gêneros: Biquíni, Escolar
Traduzido por: Dark-Jr


  • 2014


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The salesgirl rang up the purchases and put the stuff in a bag. She handed it to Peg who then grabbed Tyler's hand and walked out the door.Her hand moved to Tyler's crotch again. "My,my, someones really affected by that store." Peg smiled at Tyler. "You're cock is practically begging to be let out. Was it the store or was it that pretty cashier? What oh what shall we do about it?"she teased.
Peg gave Tyler an evil look as she spotted a restroom. "Let me have a look and see if there's anyone inside. Peg peaked in and finding it empty quickly pulled Tyler in. The restroom was large enough with 5 stalls. Peg quickly checked underneath each stall for legs and then pulled her nephew into one of the stalls and locked it. She smiled at Tyler as she pulled him toward her and unbuckled his pants. Pulling it down she eased his throbbing cock out of his pants. "Lets take care of this," she smiled as she began to suck on his cock.

Tyler moaned softly, grabbing his aunts head as he began to fuck her mouth as she sucked him. The sound of the door opening made them freeze. Peg kept her mouth on Tylers cock as they heard someone enter the stall next to them. There was the sound of rustling cloth then the unmistakable sound of piss splashing into water. Tyler's cock throbbed hotly in Pegs mouth. They heard the stall door open then the sound of running water at one of the sinks and finally the door opening and closing.

Peg took her mouth off Tylers cock. "Did you like hearing her piss?" She laughed as she licked Tyler's cock again. She got up and made Tyler sit on the toilet. Peg peeled off her panties then raised her skirt up to her waist. "Suck on this," she said as she offered Tyler her panties. His cock lurched as he opened his mouth to take her panties in.

Peg eased her pussy on to her nephew's hard cock. She held his shoulders and kissed his panty filled mouth. Pumping herself slowly up and down his cock, her pussy made wet squelching sounds as she fucked him. Tyler moved his hands under her dress to grab her breasts and tease he nipples.

She started to moan softly as she fucked him harder. Driving herself up higher and then smacking herself down. Tyler groaned, his groans muffled by the panties in his mouth. They were so caught up fucking each other that they didn't hear someone come in until the door of the next stall locked. Pef froze for the second time, her nephews cock buried deep inside her and throbbing hotly.

Then they heard it. Soft slushy sounds and soft moans. "Someone is finger fucking themselves" Peg whispered to Tyler. "or doing the same thing we are!"

As the wet sounds and moans increased, Peg began to fuck Tyler again. She no longer cared if she made noise as the sounds from the next stall were louder. Peg was so turned on by the sounds coming next door as well as the hot turgid meat in her pussy. She looked into Tylers eyes and mouthed out that she was going to cum. She held on to his shoulders and fucked him hard almost pleading with her eyes for him to cum.
Tyler grabbed Pegs ass and dug his hands into the meaty orbs just as he felt her pussy start to spasm. He lifted his ass, jamming his cock into her as he stiffened and spurted his cock cream deep into her. Peg convulsed on his cock, biting the bits of her panties that were hanging out of Tylers mouth. Both afraid to make too much noise.

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